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Antifurt ABUS FACILO 32, tip U (cheie), dimensiuni 12mm x 109mm x 230mm

Antifurt ABUS FACILO 32, tip U (cheie), dimensiuni 12mm x 109mm x 230mm Antifurturi


Perhaps you need to leave your bike outside a shop, or secure it to a garden fence while you pop in and visit friends: the Facilo 32 U-Lock is the perfect solution for situations where there is a low risk of theft or for bicycles which come from the lower end of the price scale.

High-quality materials coupled with cutting-edge safety technology: even the economy range of ABUS bike locks incorporates a high-quality cylinder featuring the company's Double Locking technology. This means that the 12 mm hardened-steel shackle is locked twice within the main body, for additional protection against thieves attempting to bend it open using everyday methods. It's not surprising that U-locks are recommended by the police as the most reliable form of protection against bike theft.


Tip: U
Dimensiuni: 109mm x 230mm
Nivel de securitate: 7 (din 15) - Ideal for securing low-cost bicycles
Sistem deschidere: Cheie (x 2)
Culoare: negru
Greutate: -

ABUS top-quality locking cylinder

Include USH 32 universal bracket which is easy to mount on round tubes with a diameter of 15-35mm

*ambalat individual


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