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Geanta Specialized 2013 VITAL PACK cu prindere de cadru, culoare negru

Geanta Specialized 2013 VITAL PACK cu prindere de cadru, culoare negru


The Vital Pack concept is pretty simple - conveniently organize and store your nutrition on the bike. To do so, it features easy-to-use straps that connect it to your top/steerer tube. So say goodbye to the days of contorting your body to absently fish through your jersey pockets for a bar. With a single glance, the mesh top of the Vital Pack enables you to survey its contents. But if your preference is more in-line with blindly grabbing on the go, say if you're packing multiples of the same bar or gel, our "no fuss/no look" magnetic closure will complement your style perfectly.


Mounts on the top tube for quick and easy access
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Get easy access to your nutrition and ride essentials with a magnetic closure
To survey the bag's contents and find what you need before you dive-in, take advantage of the mesh panel
To help keep things organized, we've included an inner pocket to keep your bars and gels compartmentalized

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