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Foaie angrenaj Renthal 1XR (30T) Retaining, BCD 104mm, culoare auriu

-19% Foaie angrenaj Renthal 1XR (30T) Retaining, BCD 104mm, culoare auriu Angrenaje si Monoblocuri


The Renthal 1XR chainring tooth profiling ensures the highest level of chain retention, in all conditions. Alternating width teeth interlock with the chain for ultimate security, with no loss of efficiency. Intricate tooth profiling increases mud clearance and extends longevity. The Renthal 1XR offers ultimate chain retention performance and market leading durability.


Nr. dinti: 30T
Fixare: 4-puncte
PCD (Pitch Circle Diameter): 104



Material(e): Fully CNC machined from 7075 T6 Aluminium alloy
Culoare: auriu
Greutate: 36g

Wide Narrow - Alternating 1.8 / 3.5mm teeth interlock, in sequence, with the inner and outer links of 9, 10, 11 or 12 speed chain, to give the highest levels of chain retention and efficiency. The tall, square tooth profile ensures the very high level of chain retention isn't reduced as the tooth face wears

All Weather - Mud grooves, located in each tooth bed combined with ample clearance below the outer chain plates, allows dirt and mud to be purged clear of the drivetrain, improving performance and durability

High Strength - A CAD I-Beam section is utilised to give the maximumstrength and stiffness, with the lowest possible weight

CNC Machined - Utilising CNC machining production allows accurate tooth face profiling and the maximum width contact area with the chain rollers, for greater longevity

Ultra Durable - After CNC machining, the 1XR chainring is hard anodised to give an incredibly durable surface finish. The chainring is further enhanced with the application of a 3-D graphic in a CNC machined recess

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